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Helpful Hints From Alan Berg On How To Close A Sale

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Aside from sharing my events, accolades, etc. in my newsletter, I also want to share helpful tips. This month, I am sharing insight that I gleaned from Alan Berg’s Wedding Wire Webinar “Listen Up and Sell More.” Alan Berg is an author, speaker and event business consultant. I saw him speak a few years ago at The Wedding MBA conference in Las Vegas and was very impressed with his presentation. The premise of the webinar is simple, the more one listens, instead of speaking, the better chance one has of converting a sales lead into a client. I will refer to a potential client, sales lead, etc. as The Prospect.

The Prospect knows more of what they need than you do. In the initial part of the conversation The Prospect needs to speak more. Allow The Prospect tell you what they need, then give them a solution. If he/she doesn’t tell you, then ask them what they want/need and give them a solution. One of the best ways to gain The Prospect’s trust is via particular questions that one asks. In general, ask open ended questions rather than yes/no ones.  Here are some great questions to ask The Prospect.

“What are the most important factors when choosing a …? What do you want your guests to remember about your wedding and why? Listen to the response then apply it to you.

“What have you seen/experienced at weddings that you want at yours and what do you not want at your wedding?

 “Are there any traditions that you would like me to honor?”

Do you have a Pinterest Board and or Instagram Page for your wedding?

If Yes, can we look at it now or can you send me a link? 

If No, give them reasons why/how it might be helpful.

“Have you already decided to have me as your…?”

If yes, this shortens the conversation, if no, ask more questions.

Close the sale when you see or hear buying signals, such as, “Is your price negotiable?”  If no buying signals have been exhibited, you have to ask for the sale. When asking “Does it make sense to reserve me for your wedding?” Smile and make eye contact but, not in a creepy kind of way and be comfortable with a pause of silence. Look at their body language. Is their tone excited or bored? Mirror their tone and mirror their words by repeating The Prospect’s words back to them. Get a “Yes, I want to hire you” or “No, I don’t “ from The Prospect, “Maybe” is quicksand.

Thanks to Wedding Wire for presenting Alan Berg’s helpful webinar on how to ask the right questions to convert leads to clients.

For more information on Alan, check out his Website